What is the budget to plan for installing a heated swimming pool ?

Today, more and more people choose to install a heated swimming pool in their homes. This is due to the many advantages it has in having such an installation at home. However, be aware that the installation requires a cost which is defined according to various factors. Continue this article to learn more about the subject and possibly to prepare yourself if you are planning such an installation.

What are the elements that influence the installation budget of your swimming pool ?

Among the various factors that can influence the cost of installing a heated pool is the size of the pool, which is important. In fact, the larger your heated pool, the more expensive the installation will be. Aside from the size of the pool, you will also need to consider its location in relation to the house. 

In order to reduce the installation costs of the latter, it is recommended that you move the swimming pool as close as possible to your home. As for other factors to take into account, there are gas and electricity prices. In fact, the cost of installing your heated swimming pool will also depend on your living space as well as your energy supplier. 

Finally, the budget to be defined will also depend on the weather in your region. In hot and sunny areas, for example, the installation will cost you significantly less than if you were in a cold area. You can get more information here to know how to reduce the amount the installation going to cost you. 

The amount to plan for installing a heated swimming pool

Beyond the factors mentioned above, the cost to install your heated swimming pool will depend on the heating system you have chosen. Among the most widely used types of pool heaters, there are:

  • The solar panels.
  • Domestic heating.
  • The electric heater.
  • The heat pump.

Costing between 2,500 and 6,000 euros, the heat pump is the most expensive system. Electric heating is the most economical and will cost you between 500 and 1000 euros. Between these two choices are home heating and solar panel heating which will cost you between € 1,100 and € 4,000. To the cost of purchase and installation, you will need to add the cost of operation. The best choice in this case is heating the solar panels as they are free.