What is a Website Crawler used for ?

For the Internet to work properly, for you to be able to search, connect to platforms, use online services of all kinds, different factors must come into play. The simple act of doing a search in Google is an essential element that can, together, manage to show you the results you expect. Discover in this article the usefulness of a website crawler.

What is the use of Online Website Crawler ?

Search engines were created to provide an answer to a problem of the Internet user, according to a typed request. They bring together a large number of websites, like a virtual library. They do not require any human intervention to be enriched regularly, it is automated. Like librarians, the website crawler online therefore scans all existing sites and content. The main objective of the latter is then the collection of information with the aim of creating an index, in other words a database. To do this, the robot examines the web in search of content to offer results to Internet users. It automatically scans the hypertext links of the pages and returns to visit those already explored to check if they have been modified.

Also, the crawler makes it possible to index web pages according to the quality of the content offered, to help search engines establish a ranking in the search results (SERP). It participates in providing the most relevant answers to Internet users according to their request. The mission of a crawler is therefore to ensure the relevance of site content and to exclude unnecessary web pages from the index. It is essential in SEO strategies, both to position pages in the SERPs, and to audit a site for optimization.

The different types of crawlers

There are several categories of robot, with slightly different objectives from each other. First, there is the indexing crawler. This is the oldest. It is used by search engines and helps to rank pages on the internet. It is important because it determines the appearance in the search results. Then there is the diagnostic crawler. It is an analytical tool that is used to help with natural referencing (SEO). In short, it allows you to perform a complete SEO audit by highlighting flaws and areas for improvement. There is also the monitoring crawler, which allows you to follow the evolution of a market. As its name suggests, it makes it possible to carry out competitive intelligence and to retrieve data relating to product prices.