What are the logistics costs related to the management of stock of your e-commerce site?

 The profitability of an e-commerce depends on many factors, including the management of these logistics costs. You must mainly find a way to optimize your interfacing and storage costs. In this article, we go into a little more detail about these two inventory management costs of online businesses.

The cost of interfacing between the warehouse and your site

As you'll discover as you go through this resource, the evolution of e-commerce no longer leaves room for amateurism. So all companies in this sector must offer real-time interfacing between its inventory and its platform. This data flow management generates additional logistic costs for the online store promoters. Here, the entrepreneur must focus much more on the efficiency of the tool used. Because the latter will affect the customer experience and thus the conversion rate.

Storage costs

Today, customers want their order on time and in good condition. As a result, online store developers need space to receive and shelf their products. It is possible to take over a warehouse or to outsource this aspect. However, the winning strategy is to density the warehouse storage with the use of "Goods To Man" robots. They take care of the storage and removal of products according to certain references. They therefore allow for a significant gain in both storage space and task processing. Ultimately, identifying and controlling these logistics costs for an e-commerce site is a delicate task. Based on the point we have just made, you can categorize the costs you face. From there, to optimize the logistics costs of your e-commerce, you will only have to bridge the gap between your objects and the expectations of your customers.