What are the advantages of WordPress?

Renowned for being an excellent content management software, WordPress is now one of the most widely used tools for creating websites around the world. These include blogs, news sites, and sites for commercial and multinational companies. We invite you to discover in this article, some advantages of this tool that is WordPress.

Quick to install and easy to use

WordPress is a website editor that you can very easily install on your computer. So, you can download it the traditional way (WordPress zip folder) via the wordpress.org website, and then install it on your server. You can also download it to your web host. You can see page, to learn more. As for its use, it is very simple. With WordPress, you don't need to know anything about coding before you can create your website. Furthermore, WordPress gives you the ability to install widgets as well as plugins and themes.


One of the advantages of WordPress is that it is free. Yes, you don't need to pay money to use it to create your websites. Just as it's free to use, it's also free to download. But beware! This is only the free version of the software. When you decide to opt for its online version, it necessarily becomes paying.

A large user community

Because of the quality of its services, WordPress gathers a large number of users both in France and around the world. These include communities formed on WordPress.tv, on Google, and on Facebook Pages and Groups. You can join one of these communities if you are interested. This will allow you to learn more about the software that is WordPress.