Uber or cab, which way to go in Las Vegas

When you don't have a vehicle at your disposal, the only choice you have is to take an Uber or a cab to your destination. Which of these transportation companies is advantageous? Find out all together each of their advantages.

Uber these benefits

When you choose to travel with Uber, depending on who is making the trip, there are a lot of options available to you. You also have the option to ride with someone else, sharing the comfort.

You will be notified of the price according to the option you choose. When you confirm the trip, the fare will be review and presented to you and it is this fare that you pay no matter what happens. It's better to know the price of your ride before you start the ride and it puts your mind at ease. Uber allows you to pay the cost of your ride by PayPal or credit card, no need to have cash on you.

With Uber the price is cheaper. This is the opinion of users in most cities of the world. Taking a ride with Uber in Las Vegas is cheaper than taking a cab. On long distances, the cost is better, but on short trips, they are approximately the same.

Advantages of taking a cab in Las Vegas

When you check out of a hotel, you have cab services at your disposal with employees who manage the queue of customers. This is also the case at the exit of most attractions. Uber drivers also have their own queue at the exit of attractions and hotels, but they are not so numerous since they are on the move to look for customers to pick up.

When you choose to take a cab, you won't have to wait. This is the strength of the cab, they are always available at the exit of the big places. Exit the outlet stores, Venetian, Las Vegas golf course and head to the cab parking area and get in the first one you see. You don't have a second to lose.