Russia ramps us production of sputnik-V vaccine

Russia has expanded production factories to produce more sputnik-V coronavirus vaccines. The vaccine is currently in high demand in at least 30 countries worldwide. According to data released by the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF), Russia is to deliver up to 2.5 billion doses of the vaccine to nations worldwide. 

An old Soviet research site used to produce biological weapons was refurbished into a vaccine production plant. The new name of the facility is Generium Pharmaceutical. 

Thousands of vaccines have already been produced at Generium pharmaceutical's new location 

Thousands of the vaccine vials have been packed and stored under Sub-Zero temperatures. Each vial has a unique QR code, which would help health officials to trace the location of the vaccines after distribution. 

The new Generium complex is part of seven COVID-19 production centers that have been commissioned in Russia. The vaccine production has been closely monitored by scientists to ensure each vial is up to code. 

According to the chief science officer at Generium, it's essential to ensure that the materials used in large-scale production are equal to the quantities used in small-scale production. He added that the new facilities have gotten over the hurdles surrounding vaccine production and that the number of vaccines produced in Russia will drastically increase in the coming months. 

Russians are skeptical about the efficacy of the vaccine 

Data shows that Russians are skeptical about the efficacy of the sputnik-V vaccine and that most Russians don't trust the vaccine even though more than 4million Russians have been infected with COVID-19. Only 38% of Russians surveyed are willing to receive the vaccine and nearly 2% of the population has received the two vaccine shots.   

Another reason why Russians are skeptical about the vaccine is because the president, Vladimir Putin, is yet to receive the vaccine. The president's team debunked the rumors surrounding why he has not yet received the vaccine, adding that the public would be informed the minute he does.