How to choose the right cat tree?

Perching high up makes all cats happy, as it is already part of their nature. So there are cat trees designed in different types to help his legged friends feel more comfortable in their domestic life. If this suits you, then you will have to make a choice among the many cat trees on the market.

The height and solidity of the cat tree

The size of the cat tree is a very important criterion to make the accessory useful for your feline. There are cat trees for larges cats and cat trees for small cats. In reality, to choose a cat tree, all you have to do is adapt the dimensions of its foot to the size reached by the feline when it stretches. That said, the total length of the cat tree must be at least 1.50 m normal. It is possible to increase this depending on the type of cat, or to buy a cat tree at ceiling height. However, the more the size of the cat tree increases, the more the support of the latter must be resistant. Therefore, it is important to favor cat trees with a solid, heavy and stable support.

Comfort and maintenance of the cat tree

Comfort is an essential point when choosing a cat tree, since it allows the cat to make its new environment a favorite place. To this end, it is imperative to find trees that offer a lot of accessories, such as doghouses and hammocks. However, the cat tree must also be ergonomic. It must therefore have scratching posts and landings to make it easier for the pet to climb. This is suitable for regular cats and even those who do not yet have experience in the field. That said, a washable cat tree must give in to cleaning to avoid cat illness. In addition, the location (bedroom, exterior, balcony, living room, etc.) of the cat tree must be taken into account in order to choose its materials and style.