Dragon Ball Z and its place in Japanese culture

Anime are very popular with everyone. Young people and adults alike find it interesting. But, beyond their entertaining character, anime are series that draw their stories from certain cultures. This is notably the case of the anime Dragon Ball Z and the Japanese culture. What is the place of Dragon Ball Z in the Japanese culture? What is its contribution? The answers in this article.

The place of Dragon Ball Z in Japanese culture

Dragon Ball Z, abbreviated as DBZ, is an anime that has played a major role in Japanese culture. This is probably why the dragon ball popularity made it a bestseller. The anime is based on the character Goku who fights evil with his friends. To fight, Goku usually used his martial arts techniques. A type of fighting originating from Asian countries, especially Japan. All this helps to promote the cultural activities of Japan. As soon as this program was broadcast, there was a strong interest from the fans. This was even concretized by the wearing of cosplays. Fans dressed up in the outfit of their favorite character and it is joy in all hearts.

The contribution

This anime had a real impact on Japanese culture. Dragon Ball Z popularized expressions that were once exclusive to the Japanese. Fans could now say a few words in Japanese. DBZ also contributed to the expansion of Japanese culture through its themes. It is an anime that showcased the shōnen genre. A genre that was not known to everyone. Indeed, few people were aware of it. But, after the Dragon Ball Z episodes aired, the shōnen quickly spread. Everyone was talking about it and wanted to know more about the history of the genre. The grey areas were being cleared up through Japanese culture.

This sport activity developed the Japanese culture and revealed this country to the whole world continues to be practiced and on a larger scale. Note that this activity has become a discipline taught in Japanese schools.