Dragon ball and dragon ball z: elements of comparison

Several are the existing versions of the Dragon Ball series. Among them, we distinguish the dragon ball version and the dragon ball z version. All in all, it's a series that conveys the extraordinary story of the character Goku. The question that arises now is whether there is a discrepancy between these two adventures of the dragon ball series. In this regard, this article will provide you with the necessary information.

The difference between Dragon ball and Dragon ball z

First, it should be noted that the dragon ball series was written in the 90s by Akira Toriyama. Indeed, it is a manga series, whose incredible story has marked several fans of the manga. Therefore, if you want to know the difference between the two dragon ball vs dragon ball z adventures, the rest of this article would be of great importance to you. Indeed, several elements mark the difference between these two versions of the Dragon ball series. On the one hand, note that in the dragon ball z version various transformations are developed while in the dragon ball version no transformation is developed. Two, in dragon ball z, Son Goku and his friends go around the entire universe while in dragon ball, Son Goku and his friends stay on planet earth. Moreover, addressing the subject of combat in the two adventures, it should be noted that dragon ball z is focused on the level of power while dragon ball is focused on martial arts and techniques.

How is the adventure in dragon ball and dragon ball z?

Approaching the subject of the narrative heart in these two versions of the dragon ball series, several observations are made. However, you should remember that the dragon ball z adventure revolves around the search for power and strength. But, the dragon ball adventure is a quest to find the 7 crystal balls. In addition, note that in dragon ball z Sangoku is an adult and in dragon ball, he is still small.