Designing Multiple Website With WordPress.

WordPress is one of the most effective and powerful Content management system that is widely used in website design today; this is due to numerous capabilities which range from powerful plugins, widgets inbuilt building a website.

Merits of WordPress Design

Time Management ; is the layout of many WordPress sites, which can be set up based on a single WordPress installation procedure using a form of unified interface, for more details view this site. System administrator controls and manage all users from a single interface. It has complete control over issues and extensions that only it can change. Website updates are done once with the same screen for other users Website.

It saves Money ; Installing multiple websites on WordPress is way cheaper and better than hosting different pages on different hosting site. With a single installation, design different websites without extra payment. All that is required In using the same themes and add-ons. All can be controlled in one panel.

Installing WordPress Site

To create multiple sites on WordPress: You need to Install WordPress at the following location:

WordPress.RRO hosting. Upload only to WordPress After installation, edit the wp-config.php file to enable multiple site settings. Then insert the fence ('wp_allow_miltisite') just before the word "must" or "add.”Literally). Update your browser to create a network. Go to the tools page

networking. It can be selected on the setting screen between subdomains and subfolders. When defining a domain option, you must specify the settings, with your host. You have to use many domains. Click My Sites> Webmasters> Websites in the interface.

"OKAY Create a new website and click Apply. You can now enter the details for example you will see the following query:  - URL,  - site name  - language.

Manager - email address. Choose "start installation on multiple sites" and follow the instructions. Enter the wp file. Config.php. After the change, Login as your local network administrator. Select Web Management, i twill appear on the right side of the screen and start to manipulate the UI.