Decision of a mythical singer to leave the bastard: a real shock for the fans

It is news that has just fallen sowing a very big scandal on both sides in the rank of the fans. The troop of the bastard, since it is about that, projects today an atmosphere which seems not to be very good, because one of its artists considered as the mythical one of the group decides to fly away on its own wings. News that has not gone unnoticed by the side of the fans who seem visibly affected.

Towards the dissolution of the group of Enfoirés?

It must be recognized that the troupe of the Enfoirés has been able to make until today its little way. Indeed, for several years, it turned out that Les Enfoirés made enough ink and saliva flow. To say that the troupe will stop is inconceivable in the eyes of millions of French people who see it as an important event instead. Keep reading by visiting But with the advent of the coronavirus health crisis, the inequalities have only increased, as the financial situation of the poor has become more complicated. In spite of the pandemic, no one thought about the deterioration, however abrupt, of the atmosphere in Les Enfoirés. And the reason is the decision of some singers to leave the troupe under the pretext that some are treated with favor unlike others.

Announcement of the departure of Michael Jones: fans are catastrophized

It must be said that each year the famous show of the Enfoirés is what brings together in front of their small screen millions of French people who are eager to watch this great event that rhythms under the peaks of audiences quite incredible. The magnitude of their performance is worth the sale of millions of CDs, DVDs, and t-shirts, which constitutes for the troupe an important sum for the rest of the year. But like a drop that overflowed the vase, the news of the departure of the mythical singer Michael Jones fell against all expectations. A true talent who is no longer to be presented, this singer decided purely and simply to leave the group. A difficult decision for the fans to digest.