3 tips for keeping your goat wool clothes clean.

Maintaining a cashemire is far from being a pleasure. The kosher, are very soft clothes whose maintenance requires a certain flexibility and know-how. If maintenance is not done according to the rules, you risk finding your garment in a pitiful state. What are the precautions to take when maintaining a cashmere garment? Find here 3 tips to properly maintain your cahemire.

1 washing machine:

Contrary to what one might think, washing cashemire is not very complicated. To wash properly and without damaging your garment, you must first be sure that your machine is suitable for washing wool. Then regulate the temperature to a maximum of 20 C. Squeeze at 500 rpm or less. And make sure to separate the colors. Find this content offers different types of kosher clothing.

2 Do not use a dryer.

With the exception of other garments, cashemire is not suitable for drying in the dryer. So to dry it it is advisable not to put it in the sun. In order to maintain its original shape and put it on a towel. Just as you should not dry it in the sun, the sources of heat are also censored. Opt for a shade drying instead.

3 Hand washing

When washing by hand, you must take care of the following instructions. First of all, the kosher, must be washed in cold water because, hot water could shrink the size of your garment. Then do not let them soak in water for a long time. Or else the mesh of your kosher will be severely damaged. It is advisable not to rub with too much pressure to avoid damaging the seams. Also, it is necessary to