3 criteria to become a professional CPO

The rise of a company is based on the quality of the products it offers. To meet consumer demands, a team works on the products to improve quality. This team is coordinated by an Official Product Manager, who must have professional and personal qualities, undergo training and have a degree.

Have professional qualities

The CPO profession is a standard profession. Like Raphael Cohen, to become a better professional CPO, one must have perfect skills in using IT tools, especially software. So one has to be proficient in Word software, which will be used in writing recommendation texts. He also writes to describe the products so that consumers can understand them better. Using the Excel software gives an insight into the sales statistics of a product over a period of time. That is, over a period of one month, using two different products, the sales rate of each product is evaluated to see which product has flowed more than the other. For the product that has a low sales rate, the CPO takes care of improvements, keeping in mind the consumer's taste. PowerPoint, on the other hand, is important for presenting products. In conferences or webinars, it helps the CPO to create a smooth video projection to present the products better. Moreover, the CPO should not neglect tools like Photoshop, Fireworks and Illustrator. Having good experience in the web field, he must be well organised to better manage medium and long-term projects. To do this, he must be well versed in his industry and be aware of newly released product brands.

Have a personal quality

The profile of the CPO forces one to be an excellent person who is full of conviction and has an ease in building relationships. With a critical mind, he must be good at market analysis to draw the best conclusions. In addition, his role as coordinator of the product team gives him the title of leader. Thus, he motivates, encourages and supervises his troops to achieve a better result...,

Get an education and graduate

The required level to become a professional CPO is a Bachelor's degree + 5 from a business or engineering institute. After this 5-year training, one has to spend another 5 years as a professional trainee to gain as much experience as possible.